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History of Malagasy

Malagasy is the official language of Madagascar, and most people speak it as a first language. Although Madagascar is geographically close to the African continent, the malagasy language is not related to nearby African languages. Instead, it is related to Malayo Polynesian languages of Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. Linguistic data shows that Malagasy was brought into the islands by businessmen from Borneo.

Malagasy Language Introduction

Main dialects of Malagasy are Merina and Sakalava. And the standard Malagasy, the official language of Madagascar, is based on Merina language from 1820.

There are 6 pure vowels, 2 diphtongs, 22 consonants in modern Malagasy language.

Its word order is very unusual: verb-object-suject, very different from the ” suject-verb-object” word order of English and Chinese.

Useful expressions




Hello! and How are You?——Manao ahoana!

Hello! (rural areas)——Salama!

I’m fine, thank you.——Tsara fa misaotra.



Thank you——Misaotra

You’re welcome——Tsy misy fisaorana.

Excuse me——Azafady

Sorry——Miala tsiny





Why?——Fa maninona?


How many?——Firy?

How much?——Hoatrinona?

What’s your name?——Iza ny anaranao?

For——Ho an’ny


I don’t understand.——Tsy azoko.

Yes, I understand.——Eny, azoko.


Can you help me please?——Afaka manampy ahy ve ianao azafady?

Where are the bathrooms?——Aiza ny efitrano fivoahana?

Do you speak English?——Miteny anglisy ve ianao?

I do not speak Malagasy.——Tsy mahay teny malagasy aho.

I do not speak French.——Tsy mahay teny frantsay aho.

I am thirsty.——Mangetaheta aho.

I am hungry.——Noana aho.

I am tired.——Vizaka aho.

I need to pee.——Poritra aho.

I would liketo go to Antsirabe.——Te-handeha any Antsirabe aho.

That’s expensive!——Lafo be izany!

I’m hungry for some rice.——Noana [vary] aho.

What can I do for you?——Inona azoko atao ho anao?

I like…——Tiako…

I love you.——Tiako ianao.

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Specialist industry Malagasy translators

We provide Malagasy translations in such industries, but not limited to, Tourism, Medicine, Finance, Engineering, Telecommunication and IT.

Strict QA process and proofreading

Our project manager will consistently follow through the whole translation process.

Frankly, we are seriously worried about the quality of translations provided by some other Malagasy translation providers, because we have been able to find many errors from their portfolios, which apparently represent their highest level of quality.

As you may know, there is an accuracy rate of around 50% to 60% for English <> Malagasy translations done by machines or software application, due to the basically equivalent grammar and expressions between the two languages. Therefore it is some vendors’ practice to do initial translations by machine, and then make some changes as necessary by a human translator. The readers may experience the text as “mechanical”, awkward and in short of literary grace when reading such kind of machine translations.

But poor translations will put you in embarrassing situations and will present your company in a bad light. If your clients complain about bad quality and wrong translations, you might end up loosing your clients.

CCJK never uses machine translations to save time and manpower, we promise our clients that their projects will be translated and edited 100% by our human translators and reviewers to assure top quality.

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