Make Your Translation More Readable (4)

8. For long sentence, cut the sentence into short sentences to make it more readable.

1) This benefit will continue to be offered as a 2012 healthcare and wellness benefit option within each company.

這項福利作為 2012 年醫療保健和健康福利選項各公司將繼續予以提供。

作為 2012 年醫療保健和健康福利選擇,各自公司將繼續提供這項福利。

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2) Use of SharePoint folders, by each company, to facilitate the availability of a high level of current information on customer issues that cross communication lines between them, to associates who are responsible for solving the issues.


各公司使用 SharePoint 資料夾方便獲得高水平的目前資訊(關於跨越兩家公司溝通線的客戶問題),從而連絡負責解決問題的人員。

3) Summarization of the tracking logs for the purpose of adjusting process or procedure to better serve customers between the two companies.



Sometimes, master of the target language counts more than the source language in translation, as expressing something clearly to make yourself understood is not that easy, plus, translation is more difficult than recreation to some extent. That is why you can only translate other language into your mother language, not the other way around. There is always more to learn in translation, keep going and never stop.