In English study, we can always hear others say that: I have learned English for more than 10 years, but I can not say anything. Of course, such comments are too extreme, but it also reflects a question: Why learn English is so difficult? English is a special subject, we need to understand, a lot of memory, also need to practice more to use.

In the process of learning English, I found that in the same class, some of the outstanding students English results are excellent, on the contrary some of the students are very poor, the results always falters. Students learn English depends on the effect of the objective conditions (such as schools, the environment, teachers, etc.) Or depends on the subjective conditions for the students themselves?

In a person’s learning, intelligence and non-intelligence factors are equally important. Even if a mentally handicapped students in their optimal learning conditions in the study was not produce beyond normal students to a miracle. Similarly, a non-school student even extremely smart, it is impossible in learning what most prominent achievements.

Because the former’s intelligence and the latter’s motivation and attitude are learning English influence the internal factors, students learning English key lies in the effect of the subjective conditions for its students. Of course, other factors on students learning English to a certain extent the impact of these factors vary from person to person. Below are some of the effects for the students to learn English.

A. The goal is not clear

Students foster the objectives of different impact on the motivation and learning of students. If the goal to be established is a clear one and can be achieved in the near future, it will strengthen student motivation and boost its target to complete the task of sustainability. Also in the classroom students can grasp the essentials, no matter how many mistakes they make or how much the difficulties encountered, they still can insist to the study.

B. Personal English learning experience

English learning experience is the individual persona former English learning experience. The related research indicated that student’s English study experience will have a great influence for the future to learn English. The past success of students learning English will be to their confidence, learning English maintain a high level of interest; it brings powerful motivation for learning in the future.

Even in the university need to identify higher goals in English language learning, students will take the initiative and dedication into learning English, for the realization of this goal tireless effort, and never bored. Instead, they will lose interest in the English, and lack of self-confidence.

C. Native thinking habits

Chinese is our mother tongue, students learning English is often in the habit of using Chinese thinking, with the structure to use the Chinese language in English. If English and the Chinese sentence type are close, students will think it is easier. For example: I like football. I have a computer. Such a sentence in English and Chinese are the subject of predicate + object, students can use Chinese thinking. But, if: “My family has five people.”

Also used “have”, could not use Chinese thinking, and it should be used “There be” sentence: There are five people in my family. Another example: I ride to school. Using Chinese thinking is: I by bike to school. To use English mentality is: I go to school by bike. All these circumstances, the thinking habits of the Chinese students learning English caused serious obstacles.

D. Concrete environment of English learning

The English study’s concrete environment is at the same time refers to the classroom the concrete teach equipment and so on, such as multimedia class, slides and other teaching equipment, on the other hand refers to the learning atmosphere.

If the class learning English with a strong atmosphere, a strong sense of competition among students, support each other and learn from others, students friendly to others, a harmonious relationship, such a learning environment conducive to stimulate and cultivate the students motivation to learn English.

E. The hectic life and rest is chaotic

The life work and rest’s core is the enough sleep, eat on schedule and active exercise etc, adequate sleep can make the human to be energetic, is guarantees the study efficiency the important attribute.

From my own experience and my classmates we can know the college students now obviously that the lives work and rest is chaotic, lack of sleep and lack of exercise in general, these are the important factors affecting learning.