These days, I was helping my younger sister to find a job. We’ve encountered many nerve-wracking queries. At that time, we do not know how to answer the interviewer. Also there are some common questions. Luck VS Hard Work, which one is important?

For me, who is working for a long time in CCJK. I’d like to talk about an idea I’ve got. Luck means opportunity. What is work? Effort is a hard work, hard word ahead. I do not deny that luck is important in our life, but I firmly believe that: hard work is more important than luck.

A young people to create their own cause, the key lies in diligence and hard work. We are just the youth, our experience is relatively insufficient when compared to the successful middle-aged, luck is not especially favored our youth.

In our daily life, we can often come across many such kinds of people. The first group of people are too proud to do so called trifle matters and always complain that luck never strikes them.

The second group of people are always ready to do whatever they are assigned to do. These guys who thought it worthwhile to begin with something trivial got the job opportunity.

I think the second group of people tend to achieve success in their career and get accepted by the society. We all know the clerk is the company’s staff at the grassroots lever, they generally engage in document processing.

As a clerk ,we need to deal with trifle things and unexpected events. Sometimes there will be some small but a very long period of time need to be done. Again and again, by doing trifle things well, large rewards will surely follow. Genuine ability and learning is gained by hard word.

If we didn’t master professional knowledge and skills we couldn’t be put in a very important position, even if we had been received. Anyway, hard work is the premise of opportunity and success.

Admittedly, luck also plays a few important role in our life, but not the key to succeed. Luck is only the external factor it can help us be succeed as a necessary part, but the promise is that one has worked hard.

That means the intrinsic factor is the key point. I believe equal opportunities for everyone, but not everyone can turn these opportunities into reality. Luck is just a possibility, does not automatically become a reality, should luck become a reality. A saying goes “luck usually tends to go for those who get ready”.

So, hard work and you will accomplish success.