1) Remarks: Safe Driving Guidelines contains disclaimer, i.e. our company will not be liable for any outcomes resulted in stunt driving aimed to show the outstanding performance and aesthetic appearance of Chevy.

Moreover, the participators shall strictly adhere to the Safe Driving Guidelines during shooting the film. All participators are required to carefully read the regulations. If any problem, please contact MOFILM before producing the film.

2) Note: There is a disclaimer within the safe driving guidelines regarding fantastical driving scenes, helping you to communicate “performance attributes or passion and beauty of the vehicle”. The rest of the safe driving guidelines still strictly apply so please read very carefully and contact MOFILM with any questions ahead of production.

By comparing the above two messages, you can easily judge which one is better.

Yes, what we do is translation, but our target is to ensure our translation reads like “just being written by a native language speaking writer. Such translation can be called “successful translation”.

To succeed, we shall firstly make ourselves love our job. We can conclude from many business giants that one of the reasons why they could make a hit is they love their job. They work with passion and regard their job as a kind of fun. The more they love their job and the better they did at work.

Actually, translation is an interesting job. Through translating a wide variety of materials in different subject matters you can broaden your horizon, enrich your knowledge and inspire your mind. Moreover, translation is a re-creating process by correctly and smoothly rendering the intended meaning of the source text in the target language. Just imagine your translation will be shared by thousands of people, and you’ll have no reason not to be proud of your job.

As for re-creation, it is easy to understand. Translation is not simple word-by-word conversion. It requires the translator to paraphrase what the original writer said. Through the process, the translator can become more and more sensitive to the words and expressions. When reading paper or magazines, the translators will subconsciously study the author’s writing skills and appreciate how he/she choose his/her wording apart from absorbing the knowledge.

For example, when we read “全球化過程中不可輕忽的元素之一是在地化,在地認同是宜蘭推動城市公共外交、發展城市文化創意產業的支柱,也是打造創意城市的優勢所在。”, you, as a translator, may focus on its expression and ask “what does “在地化” mean? Does it an unique expression in Taiwan region?” Through searching in Google, you can easily find that “在地化” means “Localization” which is equal to “本土化” that is more popular for Mainland readers.

The job of translation will make us become linguistic experts, but to become such experts, firstly we should love translation, love our job and we will earn more than salary itself finally.

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