This week there is a film, called Lost In Panice Cruise, showing in the theatre. The main character is a mid-aged writer, Liu Yunfei(柳云飞). He was invited by one of his friends to take part in his wedding, which would be held on a cruise. There were 20 to 30 people attending the wedding, including a group of beautiful girls.

At first, everything was fine, they enjoyed fireworks and beer together, and dancing on the deck. However, when everybody was dancing, a murder happened. One of the beautiful girls was killed by a strange poison spiral shell. Someone put it in her pocket.

Then everybody were investigating the murder, but the cruise would not pull in to shore until next morning, when the police would be involved in the case. Surprisingly, when they are talking about the murder, another murder happened among them.

One of the beautiful girl, called Judy, died from heart attack. Someone stole the medicine from the poor girl who was having a shower when the heart attack happened. Liu Yunfei found the window of the room which the girl lived was open. So he chased out and tried to get the murderer.

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Unfortunately, he was pushed by someone and was about to fall down to the sea. Afterwards, he was saved by two of his friends. Then they became suspicious of the bride, who was a very sensitive girl and used to have some metal problems. At this time, the cruise hit some rock under the water and began to sink. Then the murderer came out, he was the bridegroom.

They dived into the sea and had a fight there, in the end, the writer won, the bride told him the whole story. To everybody’s surprise, the bridegroom was a test tube baby, and was not recognized by his parents, that’s the motive of the murders. In the whole process, the writer was lost in a chain of murders until he reached the shore.

This film makes me think of another movie, Lost In Translation. It happened in Tokyo. A retired American TV star was invited to Tokyo to make some advertisement of a kind of whisky. In the hotel he lived, he met another young American girl, whose husband was very busy and spent very little time together with her.

They chat in the bar of the hotel and sang in karaoke with their Janpanese friend. However, in this process, they felt that they are not part of the things around them in Tokyo, and there was some kind of chemical effect happening between them. But in the end they ended up in wordless state, they went back to their own lifes. It’s another kind of lost. One of them was lost in his career, which was in its later period.

Another one was lost in her marriage, her married life was just in the beginning. They got lost in the same time in the city of Tokyo, but it seemed that they found solution of it in the end. That is to say in the translation period of their lifes, they found new solutions. Quite interesting, there was a hooker appearing in the beginning of the movie.

She came uninvited to the TV star’s room and did a period of Sadism and Masochism performance, she stript her stocking into pieces and lying on the floor, showing a face of satisfaction, which was quite weird. It’s totally Japanese style and the lady was also speaking Japanese, which could not be understood by the TV star, so he went out for a walk. Then he met a female musican in the bar and spent the night with her.

By the way, Lost in Panic Cruise is the 2nd movie of the series, the first one is Lost in Panic Room. The story happened in a villa in suburbs. There was also a murder happening among a group of young people, who were spending the weekend in the villa. One of them dispeared mysteriously. In the end, the writer Liu Yunfei(柳云飞) found out it had someting to do with a mountain-climbing accident, which happened three years ago.