• Interpolation refers to using dash or parentheses to insert the part of sentence that is hard to handle into a sentence. It is used only at certain circumstances that no other ways can take place of.

1. There is in fact a strong likelihood that the Administration will preside over a $100-billion-plus budget deficit in the current fiscal year, putting its promise to balance the budget by fiscal 1983-which begins in only twenty months-firmly out of reach.

Translation: (美国)政府将要在本财政年度应付 1000 亿美元以上的预算赤字,这样就使其承诺——平衡 1983 年财政年度(再过 20 个月才开始的年度)的预算——根本无法实现。这是极有可能的事。

2. In 1582 Richard Mulcaster, one of the earliest English grammarians who paid attention to this problem, wrote “the English tongue is of small reach, stretching no further than this island of ours(England), nay, not there over all.

Translation: 1582 年,理查德·迈尔卡斯特——最早注意到这个问题的英语语法家之一——写道:“美语的流行范围极小,充其量只在我们这个英格兰岛——甚至没有遍及全岛”。

3. The second aspect is the application by all members of society from the government official to the ordinary citizen, of the special methods of thought and action that scientists use in their work.

Translation: 第二个方面是全体社会成员(从政府官员到普通公民)都使用科学家们在他们工作中所采用的那种特殊的思考方法和行为方法。

4. The method was largely developed by physicists, chemists and biologists; it was later adopted by people working in such areas as education, psychology and sociology, where the subjects of research were often people.

Translation: 这种(科学)方法在很大程度上先是由物理学家、化学家和生物学家使用,后来为在教育学、心理学和社会学等领域内(其研究对象是人)工作的研究人员所采纳而发展起来的。

5. Hold fast to life…but no so fast that you cannot let go. This is the second side of life’s coin, the opposite pole of its paradox; we must accept our losses, and learn how to let go.

Translation: 紧紧抓住生活——可不要紧得使你不能松手。这就是生活的另一面——矛盾的另一方;我们必须接受损失,学会松手。


Reorganization refers to divide the original sentences into several small units and put them in new order.

  1. By the middle of the year, he warned, Russians would overtake the United States in the number of land-based strategic missiles, the result of a massive Russian effort beginning in the mid 1960s, after the Cuban fiasco, to achieve at least parity and possibly superiority in nuclear weapons.

Translation: 他警告说,到本年年中,俄国将在陆上发射的战略导弹的数量上超过美国,因为俄国人在古巴事件中遭到失败后,从 60 年代中期起就大力发展导弹,目的是为了在核武器方面至少达到同美国均等,并力争超过美国。

2. Law-and-order is the longest-running and probably the best-loved political issue in U.S. history. Yet it is painfully apparent that millions of Americans, who would never think of themselves as lawbreakers, let alone criminals, are taking increasing liberties with the legal codes that are designed to protect and nourish their society.

Translation: 法律与秩序是美国历史上持续时间最长、也可能是政治上最热门的话题。然而,如今数以百万计的美国人尽管从来不认为自己会违反法律,更不用说成为罪犯了,却正在越来越随便地践踏那些专为保护他们和为造福于他们的社会而制定的法规。显而易见,这不能不使人痛心疾首。

3. It has been more than a year since Alfred Jackson, a 38-year-old Brooklyn plumber, was shot and killed by a neighbor because Mr. Jackson wanted to park in the spot where the man was walking his dog.

Translation: 阿尔弗莱德·杰克逊,38 岁,原先是布鲁克林一个水暖工人。有一天,他想在邻居遛狗的地方停放汽车,竟被邻居开枪打死。这件事发生已经有一年多了。

4. When in the course of human events, It becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to the separation.

Translation: 在人类事务的发展进程中,有时一个民族必须解除它和另一个民族之间的政治联系,必须争取自然法则和上帝所赋予它的权利,以使自己在世界各国中享有独立与平等的地位。此时,出于对人类舆论的真正尊重,这个民族必须把他们不得不寻求独立的原因公诸于世。

5. On the marble fireplace in the mathematics building at Princeton University is carved, in the original German, what one might call his(Einstein’s) scientific credo:” God is subtle, but he is not malicious.”

Translation: 在普林斯顿大学数学大楼里,大理石壁炉上用德文刻着:“上帝是难以捉摸的,但他绝无恶意。”这句话也可称作是他的(爱因斯坦)科学信条。