What life would be like when cloud computing was introduced into weather forecast?


The first thing for us to care about every morning is weather, which has evolved into a business.

在美国,就有一家 EarthRisk 公司在利用大数据技术来改造过去的天气预报模式。2013 年,这家公司开发了一种新的数据模型用于预测极端天气事件,据媒体报道称,“该模型可对过去 60 年数据进行 820 亿次分析来识别天气模式,然后与目前的情况进行对比,通过预测分析来预测未来 40 天的天气。”

In USA, a company named EarthRisk applied big data technology to transform the weather forecast mode in the past. In 2013, it developed a new data model for forecasting extreme weather events. As reported by the media, the model can be used to analyze the data in the last 60 years for 82 billion times so as to identify weather, make comparisons with current weather and then predict the weather over the next 40 days by way of forecasting and analysis.

国内的天气预报技术尽管日趋成熟,但也依然处在随时要被挑战的发展阶段。5 月 27 日,中国气象局公共气象服务中心与阿里云在杭州宣布达成战略合作,开始了国内在大数据指导天气预报上的实践。双方都表示,将在未来共同挖掘气象大数据的深层价值。

Despite China’s weather forecast technology embarks on the advancing road, it has still been in the developing stage around a variety of unstable and inconstant factors. On May 27, the Public Meteorological Service Center of China Meteorological Administration and AliCloud declared the strategic cooperation in Hangzhou City, which set out the first attempt in big data guidance of weather forecast. Both sides expressed that they would jointly explore the deep-leveled value of big meteorological data in the future.


In brief, the ultimate destination of weather forecast goes to service. With the demands in meteorological information of all sectors rising, the simple sun or rain & temperature forecast has already satisfied multiple needs (including agricultural, industrial and transportation needs). The more subtle service always depends on such authorities as China Meteorological Administration and technical inputs as well.

“中国家气象局入住阿里云计算平台,最核心的优势就是可以避免资金巨大、周期漫长的 IT 系统投入”。云计算话题看起来高大上,却和人们日常生活息息相关。通过大数据技术,能为改善天气预报这项工作增加多少可能性?

“China Meteorological Administration resided in AliCloud computing platform with the core advantage of avoiding huge funds and long input of IT system.”The topic of cloud computing seems towering, but closely relates with everyday life. What extent does the application of big data technology come to for improving the weather forecast?

根据中国气象局公共气象服务中心副主任潘进军介绍,气象大数据不仅可以让人们知道天气,更重要的是帮助企业从天气中减少损失或盈利。而国外的气象大数据应用已经比较成熟,英国的气象服务已经全部商业化,年产值达到 2600 亿美元,美国 1600 亿美元,日本 100亿美元,而中国只有 6 亿美元,专业的气象数据服务在中国市场前景巨大。

The big meteorological data not only can make people get to know weather but also assist enterprises in reducing losses or profits concerning weather, Mr. Pan Jinjun, the Deputy Director of the Public Meteorological Service Center of China Meteorological Administration said.

The overseas application of big meteorological data technology has become quite matured, for example, UK whose meteorological service has been totally commercialized with annual output hitting US 260 billion dollars, USA US 160 billion dollars, and Japan US 10 billion dollars. Comparing with them, China has merely 0.6 billion dollars with enormous prospects in Chinese market of special meteorological data service.

From: The Tmtpost

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