Everyone desire to have a happy family, being a good listener will be an important element to realize such expectation. We know in this fast paced modern world, communication becomes a part of our life, no matter anywhere, anytime, or anybody. But most of us tend to make such mistake that we only concern about own feelings and requirements, wishing we are the spotlight and everyone just listen to you.

On the other hand, while your parents, friends or colleague talk to you, possibly you will be absent-minded and not care about other’s speaking. In fact you have not learned how to listen, to appreciate other’s feeling and respect others and you will not deserve the respect from others. Once you learned how to listen, you will reach a new height of your life.

Learn to listen to the nagging whisper. Parents always have a non-stop nagging in front of their children. Every time when I called home, they would remind me putting on more clothes and not catching a cold cause of the cold weather; Urge me working hard and getting along with colleagues again and again; Also inquiring the relationship between GF and me and do not quarrel with each other.

Parents become older and would have many words than before, what their spoken is a kind of experience and the expression of love and release of their emotion, we should and must listen to their nagging, don’t give cold shoulder to them, because you will deeply hurt their heart.

Learn to listen to unpleasant advices. Everyone more or less have some bad habits or faults. The person who familiar with you would point out your bad habits and hope you could avoid them, generally, you will laugh away and saying it’s not a big a big deal. You never listen to your friends’ kindly suggestion, but you should know strangers will not take your personal consideration and tolerate your bad habits, they will criticize you in public.

In such time, you will be angry and using abusive expression to talking back. Any individual person would have strong negative mentality and don’t like others to criticize their bad habits. Actually you are ruining yourself, not willing to listen to others’ advice or criticism means that no any room for your improvement.

Learn to listen to different opinions. Being rich, to buy a house or a car first; If buy a house, how much money should be spent on decoration; While Children attend school, select a private school or public school and also lots of different opinions existed on family daily expenses. In such situation, we should listen to more opinions and weigh the pros and cons, then reach the final consensus.

Listening is a kind of attitude, is being nice, calm, and open-minded to others.

Listening is also a song full of love, solidarity, and harmony.