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Did you know where these pictures were taken? Yes, Latvia indeed.

Have you even been searching for a first-class Latvian translation service with high quality and timely delivery? A big surprise for you here: we, CCJK at are ready to help you out.

About CCJK

We are offering time- and cost-effective One-Stop localization solutions

Service between English and Latvian in the following fields:

1) User Interface (UI) for electronics

2) User Assistance (UA) materials, print and/or online,

3) Documentation (user guides, manuals and tutorials, etc) and DTP

4) Computer Based Training (CBTs)

5) Websites and web-based applications,

6) Marketing materials,

7) Policy and procedure handbooks,

8) Company newsletters; and much more……

9) CCJK on Latvian Translation service

Our advantages:

1) Efficient and cost competitive one-stop localization service for Latvian translation

2) Ensured quality through our strict streamlined QA workflow system

3) A big pool of native professional Latvian translators from varied industries and project managers available 24/7 to ensure textual fluency and timely delivery

4) Adequate translation assets available to save cost and shorten lead time for your Latvian translation files or websites

5) Assign a specialist Latvian translator team who perfectly understands your specific needs and coordinates the actions to meet them

6) Communicate fluently with your target audience in their native language – our linguists are discreetly selected to work in their native language and in the specific field of which they hold specialist knowledge

7) We have a highly streamlined project management system which involves rigorous processes for translation, proofreading, editing (normally known as TEP Process), multilingual typesetting and quality control.

8) Looking for Latvian translation service now? Contact us now!

9) We have a team of Latvian translators with experience in varied industries. Each one is ready to bring you top-quality translation plus a specific skill with regard to providing specialist knowledge of subjects ranging from business to law to engineering.

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How Latvian translation service works in CCJK?

o  As soon as we get the order, one of our project managers will analyze the nature of the file and locate the right translator to be in charge of the translation

o  Once the translation is done, our Latvian editor will carefully edit the translation file and make necessary changes

o  The edited file is turned back to our Latvian translator to confirm the changes. If any disparity arises, our editor and translator discuss together to reach a consensus.

o  Once the editor and translators have completed checking the translation, our project manager will tune the layout of the file and make final delivery

o  Should there be any feedback concerning the translation we have done afterwards, we are on standby to answer it in time

Why you choose CCJK?

It is truth that we have excellent Latvian software engineers as well as qualified assurance editors who are skilled in localizing any software product or website. We are able to professionally translate any Latvian website, be it a static HTML website or else. In the wave of globalization, you should definitely consider localizing your website into the Latvian language! It is a worthy investment and an easy way to expand your business and make a good fortune! We, CCJK, would be your problem-solver for your business in Latvian translations.

Introduction to Latvian

Latvian (latviešu valoda), also referred to as Lettish, is the official state language of Latvia. Around 1.4 million native Latvian speakers exist in Latvia and about 150,000 abroad. The Latvian language has a comparatively high number of non-native speakers, which is rare for a small language. As a result of the language policy in Latvia, there are about 1.9 million, covering 79% of the Latvian population, speaking Latvian. The use of the Latvian language in various areas of social life in Latvia is increasing.

As a Baltic language, Latvian is very closely related to Lithuanian, but the two are not mutually intelligible.

The first known records of Latvian in Western print date back to the mid-16th with Sebastian Münster’s Cosmographia Universalis. It contains a reproduction of the Lord’s Prayer in Latvian and in Roman script. Latvian is indeed one very old language in Europe.

Belonging to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family, Latvian is one of two living Baltic languages with an official status (the other being Lithuanian). The Latvian and Lithuanian languages have maintained many features of the nominal morphology of the proto-language, though in regards to phonology and verbal morphology they show many innovations, with Latvian being considerably more innovative than Lithuanian.

Latvian has 3 dialects: the Livonian dialect, Latgalian and the Middle dialect. The Livonian dialect is divided into the Vidzeme variety and the Courland variety (also called tāmnieku or ventiņu). The Middle dialect, being the basis of standard Latvian, is divided into the Vidzeme variety, the Curonian variety and the Semigallian variety. Latvian dialects should not be confused with the Livonian, Curonian, Semigallian and Selonian languages.

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