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Latvia located in the northeast of Europe, which adjacent Baltic Sea on West side, On September 20, 2003, by national referendum, Latvians voted to join the European Union, its Member Status come into effect from May 1, 2004. Latvia become NATO member countries in the March 29, 2004.

The development made Latvia’s economic reforms have completely changed the former Soviet Union pattern, the old rigid economic model, and the eventually established the Western-style capitalist market economy.

The main idea and the contents of its economic reforms are: for the system of ownership, a thorough reform of economic structure. For economic management aspect, to break the monopoly of the state, and strongly encouraging and developing the market operation activities.

Since independence, Lativa has issued a regulation on the reform of property rights, privatization, liberalization of prices, and many other related laws and ordinances, and adopted a series of economy measures which designed to achieve the actual transition to economic models.

Since Latvian independence, its dependence on foreign economic development has been keeping large, and the foreign trade is in a large proportion of the whole national economy, and increased as import and export volume year by year.

Latvia has been developing steadily in recent years, the economic growth speed is even faster than The European Union average level. The average annual growth rate of GDP is in developing all these years. Strong domestic demand, a large influx of investment and export expansion, all these elements became foundation for Latvia’s rapid economic growth.

By raising wages and increasing job opportunities, people’s disposable income is keeping growing, stimulated private consumption. Credit expansion has also stimulated economic activities and people’s income increases, meanwhile stimulating the investment expansion.

Latvia not only expanded the exports of the euro area countries, but also expanded to other EU countries and exports to CIS countries in order to show the competitive power of Latvian several major manufacturing industry in foreign markets.

Latvia pulled more and more attention to the development of bilateral relations and multilateral relations with other regional, national and international organizations and countries. Relying on the international status, their foreign business dealing and activity become more and more active.

After accession in the EU, Latvia put more and more attention to the development of bilateral relations and multilateral relations of other regional, national and international organizations and.

They take full advantage of the role of the EU’s and rely on the international status, improved the ability of foreign dealings, self confidence, foreign policy become more and more active, balanced and pragmatic. President of Latvia is appointed as “special envoy of United Nations reform.” in April 2005 by the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, and this shows the recognition of Latvia achievements by United Nations as well as the status enhanced among the international organizations.

With “the EU consciousness” increasing, Latvia’s foreign policy is more consistent with the EU. From an overall perspective, handling relations with its neighbors, and actively participate in international affairs, strengthen international exchanges will be quite a long time in Latvia’s policy.

In this background, the needs of Latvian translation become more and more important. To increase the business opportunity for both Latvia and us, to build the friendly business relationship for each other, solving the language barrier is the first step.

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