Last week was a really busy week.

I have released several employment advertises in Proz, Elance and other PT websites.

In the next day, I was so happy that I received nearly 5 decades of job applications. Actually, since it was the first time for me, dealing with all these email is no easy at all. I replied every email after reading their CV and cover letters. Then I had all these emails and CVs on file. It was such a long day, cause I felt a little dizzy and I met dozens of problems, like some of my procedures went wrong and I had to worked out the remediation.

Fortunately, Susanna, a kind-hearted and patient girl helped me when I came up with problems.

In the following days, I was much clearer on the procedures of handling these matters.

And I set about sorting out the invoices of last month.

However, trouble still troubled me. I can’t find some of the invoice logs no matter how many times I restarted the BO, so I had to email the related PMs for help or confirmation. Luckily, they were patient to me, too. After these efforts made in last week, I have a further understanding to the job of Resource Manager now.

In the following days, I’m gonna searching for more professional translators with new way listed in my job list. Though more difficulties will come out, I believe that I can handle them with the help of other colleagues.