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Bilateral Relations
Bilateral Relations between the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and People’s Republic of China can be dated back to ancient times. These two countries are neighboring friends and they have established formal diplomatic relations. China has been giving financial aid to help Laos to build roads, bridges and to develop rivers and international air traffic and many other infrastructures.

In the modern times, the friendly exchanges and cultural communications between these two countries are increasing in various fields, such as policy, economy, military, culture, hygiene and etc. With the development of the bilateral relations, the translation service is also flourishing with each passing day.

About Lao Language
A better understanding of the Lao language could be very helpful for Lao translations.

The Lao language is descended from the Tai language spoken in what is now southern China and northern Vietnam. Like other languages, Lao language also has its dialects including Vientiane Lao, Northern Lao, Northeastern Lao/Tai Phuan, Central Lao, Southern Lao and Western Lao. The Lao language consists primarily of native Lao words; however, due to the introduction of Buddhism, Pali has contributed numerous terms, especially those relating to religion and in conversation with members of the Sangha.

One of the tips for translations of Lao language is analyzing its syntax from its formation, catalogue, and element to its punctuation.  Lao is traditionally not written with spaces between words. Spaces are reserved for ends of clauses or sentences. Periods are not used, and questions can be determined by question words in a sentence. All of these will contribute to knowing its meaning.

Laos has its own distinct culture, although Theravada Buddhism has influences from India and also from China. These influences are also reflected throughout Laos in many aspects including arts, literature, language, as well as performing arts.

This country is deeply influenced by the Buddhism, and it can be clearly seen through the way of Lao people’s live and behavior. They are patient and acceptable. One important area of ancient Laotian culture is the Plain of Jars. The Lao language is a very polite language with multiple classes of politeness, which include common polite particles.

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