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English as a language has a certain advantage in the business world. Widely known and spoken across many nations as a first and second language it has sparked interest for third world countries as well. CCJK has an astonishingly well-experienced team of professional translators for English document translation services.

English, as an official language, is widely accepted by several nations. Whether your business is in France or China, our translators are the best interpreters and translators for your future business deals. Try out our English document translation services and you will be fully satisfied.

English Technical Translation Services

Some parts of language can prove to be rigid and sound much less audible to anyone unfamiliar with the English domain. Traditional countries like Vietnam, Brazil, China, etc. conveniently do business in their national language making it more so gruesome to work on the technicalities.

Our professional translators ensure to translate the document to and from English with diligence and time proficiency. Technical translation requires in-depth knowledge and a thorough study of the industrial domain – which our translators are well aware of.

We guarantee to take care of the natural context of the document and preserve the actual meaning even after the translation.

English Medical Translation Services

Medical assistance is ever so helpful. The majority of hospitals, healthcare centers and pharmacies are based on this international language. Basic medical study is available in profounding languages and yet English remains ahead in the language competition.

To smoothly run the medical industry, you are always in need of medical translators who can interpret the information smoothly and rather accurately. Medical reports, surveys, questionnaires, and signboards are even mentioned in language pairs to better accommodate the patients and staff. Our excellent team of translators manages the important task of translating medical terminologies in a precise manner in a cost-effective way.

English Website Translation Services

English is a global language. People are quite familiar with how to do an online search and buy products and services and so on. But if you look from a business point of view, a multilingual website is a star website to attract more customers.

We assure you to abide by the accurate translation services breaking the online cultural barrier to avoid any misunderstanding. Webpage translation is also an integral part of your global business in the long run. So if you need a professional agency to provide its website translation service. We here for you all.

Let the experts handle it

CCJK is one of the most trusted English translation service providers for all global clients. With an exceptional team of native and professional translators, our services have resolved the need to enter global markets by localizing the content or even competing with other players in the market.

Our services do not know any restrictions. We are proud because of an effective team and diligent quality of translation provided to the clients in a fast turnaround time. Translations to and from English to any other language are easily available, thanks to our native experts with in-depth knowledge of the language and culture.

Why not grow your business alongside our competitive translation services? You are worth the effort!


Our team of professional translators will translate the document. Each translator is chosen for their strength in the industrial domain and expertise in different language pairs.
Each project varies in length so no final estimate time can ever be given. The technical and non-technical nature of your content plays a huge factor in completing the project as well. However, on a daily basis, 2500-3000 words are translated with precision.
To ensure quality, documents pass through translation processes from translation to proofreading through level 2 and level 3 translators to the professional proofreaders to verify the content.
We facilitate our customers to send the document in all types of formats.
Similar to turnaround time, the cost varies with the high demand of language pair you are asking for. Moreover, other factors play their role in increasing or decreasing the cost such as; time constraints, nature of the content and so on. 6. What measures are taken to protect the confidentiality of t

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