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What is voice over or dubbing?

A voice over translation is basically an invisible yet important element in filmmaking, commercial television, radio broadcasting and other media entities utilized for the Internet, education and news communication. In any professional voice over, it is performed by a voice actor who records his/her performance only in the audio format, without any visual representation.

The recording is added to the television show, film, commercial, media presentation, radio-spot, education video, DVD, Internet advertisement and many more. In a film, if the original recordings of voices or sounds must be replaced after the film has been shot, dubbing is utilized. Voice dubbing or video dubbing is basically the art and process of editing as well as replacing the dialogue, language or sound in order to fit a film once it has already been shot. Audio dubbing is carried out by a voice actor who records his/her performance only in the audio format without any visual representation.

Why you need voice over or dubbing?

Even though voice over translation has been utilized since the early days of radio, they were used in television and filmmaking for many years. Lately, the Internet has become the preferred medium in which web designers, bloggers and web forums used voice over services to enhance the visual experience offered by the web. Obviously, the voice over services help increase the sensory experience in an audible manner, thus allowing better enjoyment and attention to the different web media. Depending on the needs of clients when it comes to voice over translation, CCJK is ready to deliver the best recordings in any language required.

Take note that dubbing services has been utilized most of the time in the post-production of foreign language films. Majority of American films are dubbed into English if it was shot in another language, thus there is no need for the addition of subtitles. In such scenarios, the original vocal performance is taken away or overly dubbed with a different vocal performance of an actor in a language intended for the right viewer. The voice dubbing services makes films more enjoyable, particularly audiences that are not multilingual.

CCJK only offers the best voice over services and dubbing services in any language desired. The services can be utilized for documentaries, feature films, short films, instructional videos, animations, media presentations and other formats for television, film, government and the Internet.

With either the voice over services or dubbing services by CCJK, clients will receive the best customer service as well. The pre-sales service advisors will listen to the needs of clients carefully and answering all concerns and questions. There is also a strict confidentiality policy observed since it is a high priority to many clients. CCJK will not reveal any information involved in the source files to third parties without the permission from the client.

For the best voice over services or dubbing service, CCJK will always deliver the best quality on right to their clients. With top quality but affordable, CCJK is definitely the best solution.

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