Brief Introduction of Somali Language

The Somali Language is spoken by some people in the country of Djibouti. In the country of Djibouti, the largest ethnic group that is found is that of the Somalis. The Somalis almost make up for more than one half of the total population of Djibouti. The Somali Language is the member of the East Cushitic branch which is the part of the Afro-Asiatic family.

The people who speak Somali language are spread all across the globe because of the civil war. The estimated number of people speaking this language is between 10 to 16 million. Djibouti shares its borders with Somalia.

The Somali language is related very closely with the Afar and Oromo language. Many words have been borrowed and used from Arabic and English in the language of Somali. From the year 1900, publishing of the study materials of academic interest in Somali language began to be published. The most widely used dialect in the Somali language is that of the Common Somali.

The Somali language is mostly spoken in the countries of eastern Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, and Kenya. Somali language is also the official language of Somalia. The Somali language consists of consonant phonemes. The language has been penned by four dissimilar scripts. Somali language in Djibouti is also widely spoken.

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