Khmer Phrases

Welcome –  (sohm swaakohm)

Hello –  (johm riab sua)

Pleased to meet you – (kh’nyom trawk aw naa dael baan skoal loak)

Good morning – (arun soou sduii)

Good afternoon – (tivaa soou sduii)

Good evening – (saayan soou sduii)

Good night – (raatrii soou sduii)

Cheers/Good health! – (jul mouy)  (lerk dach)

I don’t understand –  (min yuhl dtay)

Please write that down – (sohm sawse piak nooh ao-y kh’nyohm)

Do you speak English? – (niak jeh phiasaa awngle te?)

How much is this? – (nih th’lay pohnmaan?)

Pardon? – (niak niyey tha mait?)

Excuse me/Sorry –  (sohm toh)

Where’s the toilet? –  (bawng-kohn neuv ai naa?)

Happy Birthday –  (rīkarāyothṅaykomṇə̄ta)

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