I’m aware that learning is so necessary these days. I have not been getting down to study for a very long time since work after graduation. Romain Rolland said: “Adults slowly become obsolete, the biggest reason is not age growth, but learning enthusiasm subsided.”

Sometimes, we thought we had no time to study as we had to work and many daily things to be done. Actually, these excuses for us. We should keep on learning all the times.

All times, the great or successful people may have their own characteristics and different conditions, but one thing is coincidental: all of them are love of learning. Learning is that people make contributions, an effective way to achieve lofty ideals, but also an open secret for successful people.

Of course, there is a learning attitude and approach. If we want to take the study as competition for survival of the capital, we should grasp two points: you should combine learning and work . Learning for work, may be just temporary; learn to survive, it is eternal. Success requires accumulation , efforts and persistance.

Keeping high enthusiasm, is the most viable way of life, is a high grade, high quality of life. Here, it is important to learn as a pleasure, a pleasure to put learning into the life to come, the basic meaning of life from the “eat, drink, sleep,” rich as “eat, drink, sleep, learn”.

Thus, the material life and spiritual life combine to not only meet the basic needs of life, but also to enhance the cultural quality, morality, thus improving the quality of life and the realm.

Put learning into life, the key is “diligent”. Diligence can make up for lack of intelligence is good training, a hard one minute only. Admittedly, there is a difference in people’s intelligence, but play a decisive role is acquired to explore and develop, is to rely on hard work and efforts. Life and learning go hand in hand, people will become noble; learning and diligence marriage, people will become wisdom.

In modern society, learning is no longer a one-time access to career “stepping stone” nor career advancement designation of “power source”, but a social and systematic growth and progress of behavior. It is the objective needs of our healthy life, happy work, devotion to the cause. It is our inherent requirement of the sacred mission.

As the saying which called “time is money”, let’s keep on learning, enrich our knowledge, broaden our vision!