Keep learning

In our lifetime, one third of the time is spending on sleeping, thus we have only two third of our life time to work and do others things we are required to. Among the things we are required to do, we may have only quite short time to learning.

We have to make money, make friends, raise a family, travel in different places etc. it is because that we have extremely short time to learning during our life time, we have no reason to give up learning in our limited time.

The society is changing day by day which asks people to master the latest technology and knowledge. No one knows what will happen in the next day and no one can firmly assure that his knowledge can cover all the fields. To make up the empty field, we have to learn, learn all the knowledge we are unfamiliar or strange to us.

Let’s analyze our parents who born in 1960s, at that time, internet and online shopping have not been popular in daily life. What they need to learn is to learn a skill to make a life. To do a job well and raise a family far from hunger is their dream. But now, after 40 years, when they open their eyes and see the world, they will feel scared as they feel uncomfortable for the challenges.

They do not know how to surf on the internet, let alone online shopping. While some other 1960s person keeps learning the new things they come against. Hence, they know how to use the internet and online shopping.

To be continued.