After my graduation, I rarely spend time on reading. Actually, living in the highly complicated and busy life nowadays, a lot of people have very little time for reading a book.

We all know the benefits of reading, which can extend our horizon, increase our knowledge, cultivate our favorable self-study ability, and it’s a very important way for building our knowledge system Reading not only plays a paramount role in improving knowledge, but also affects one’s ideology and morality a lot.

There is a saying:”a good book can affect a person’s lifetime” I think it’s reasonable. All of us have an idol or hero in our deeply heart, who made us worshiped and imitated. And we can know them better through reading, we will compare our thoughts and behavior with them while reading, virtually our ideology got improved. Herein, I think we should retrieve this habit.

To make a good reading habit, I think the following steps should be followed:

Firstly, if you don’t have time to read, you’re probably not going to wake up tomorrow and knock out 150 pages. Try reading for 15 minutes before you go to sleep, or reserve part of your lunch break for reading time. Whatever reading time you decide on, though, stick to it.

Secondly, invest in an e-reader so you can take plenty of reading material with you, meanwhile keeping your package light.

Thirdly, do you want to read the classics? Are the new novels that are getting reviewed and talked about more your style? Or are you hoping to increase your knowledge about something, like Web programming, a foreign language, or modern art? Having a focus for your reading can help keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Fourthly, while having a focus is important, don’t shut yourself off to everything else, or reading may seem more like an assignment than a pleasure activity. If you’re brushing up on the classics and a newly published novel catches your eye, read it! You can make some great discoveries by trusting your own taste.

Then, find a quiet place. Disconnect from electronics, and avoid surrounding yourself with other people. They won’t mind. You can tell them all about the great novel you found later. For now, let yourself sink into the story.

And then jot down the books you finished in a notebook. Writing something down about what you read, even if it’s only the title and author, will help you remember it longer and provide you with an accurate record of how close you are to reach your goal.

Finally, spread the word. One of the best things about being better read is that you’ve got more to share in conversation. Try writing a book review on your blog or joining in a book club. Who knows? You may inspire someone else to curl up with a good book too and can get a common topic.

Each of us has only one life time, but reading gives us the possibility to experience different lives, which is a broad world.