During the process of managing projects, we will meet all kinds of problems from time to time, maybe it’s just a small thing, but which will affect our mood while working, at this time, we should adjust our attitude, like WILLIAM JAMES said: The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.

We often rush our time, trying to solve problems, Because everything seems like such a big deal, but actually, at this moment, we should keep calm down, figure out why the problem comes, and how to solve it, only we own a peaceful mood, then we can handle the problem well.

When we “don’t sweat the small stuff no longer”, we will learn to accept what life has to offer with far less resistance. And when we learn to “let go” of problems instead of resisting with all your might, our life will begin to flow. You will, as the serenity prayer suggests, “Change the things that can be changed, accept those that cannot, and have the wisdom to know the difference.”

In our busy working days, it seems we always refused to stop, look back to see what we did, and think about it, we usually encounter trivial things in our life indeed, under this circumstance, if we feel exhausted, anxious moan and groan for such a minor stuff, Forget to discover the beauty of life, to experience the good life, it’s the wrong thinking.

In order to manage the projects more smoothly, I think to adjust our mood, meet all the problems with a peaceful and serious attitude, everything will goes fine.