Kazakh belongs to Turkic phylum, is the official language of Kazakhstan and used by all Kazak around the whole world. Its influence and usage is just next to Turkish.

Why it matter?

Long time ago, the magic “Silk Road” was gone across from the south of Kazakhstan, through the Silk Road, there are flourishing trade between European and Asian countries. Now Kazakhstan is keeping close contact with those European and Asian countries in economic, political, cultural and other aspects.

Recently, the investment environment is continuously improving. With the economic development of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan developed a series of policies to encourage foreign entrepreneur to make investment in domestic behind industry and to further expand the use of foreign investment. Kazakhstan’s economic output is far greater than the other four Central Asian countries. Kazakhstan is also very rich in mineral resource and thus attracts significant foreign investment. Take China as example, Trade between the two countries is quite frequently,

Such as, national energy pipeline projects between the Chinese and the Kazakh government are usually state-level projects with multi-billion, there are many collaborations like this, the Sino-Kazakh trade and economic exchanges are also quite frequently, many Chinese enterprises have a great deal of business in Kazakhstan, such as CNPC, Bank of China, Huawei, ZTE, to name just a few, huge translation opportunity will be hidden in the frequent trade activity opportunity.

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Why we are good?

·Native Kazakh Translators

CCJK has a talent pool with native professional Kazakh translators, who have full experience for years between Kazakh and other languages; they are not only versed in the language but also knowledgeable of local social conventions and customs.

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Kazakh Translation Specialties

*Legal translation

*Financial translation

*IT translation

*Medical translation

*Mechanical translation

*Marketing translation


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