In the former essays, we have already talked about Html and CSS, which can construct the basic frame of static webpages. Though JavaScript is just a simple scripting language for web, it is the most popular one built in millions of web pages to add interactivity. In a word, it’s easy to use but useful. I guess you’ll love it too.Let’s know about it.

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language to create dynamic HTML which inserted into the html pages and be carried out by all modern browsers. JavaScript is the most popular scripting languages used to realize the interactivity, such as redesigning the webpage, validating forms, detecting browsers etc. It can make a difference to html documents and tremendously enhance the interactions among the user, the web sites and web applications.

1.JS HTML DOM :(Document Object Models)
The brower creates Document Object Models for all html pages while uploading them. The DOM is a programmable object model, which endow JavaScript with enough power to create dynamic HTML. Thus the amazing things may come out:

JavaScript can change all html elements, all html properties in webpages;

JavaScript can change all the CSS styles in webpages;

JavaScript can react to all events in the websites;

2. jQuery、Prototype、MooTools:
There are some Javascript libraries emerged to better the programming as js frame. They make js programming more easier, safer and more interesting. Some of them are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, such as jQuery, Prototype, & Mootools.

2.1 jQuery:
Many companies are using jQuery framework in their websites, so does IBM, Google & Microsoft. Is it surprised? Yes, jQuery framework is such a popular technology. It uses CSS selectors to access and manipulate HTML elements on a DOM project. Besides, it also provides companion user interface and plug-ins.

2.2 Prototype & Mootools:
Both Prototype and Mootools provide a series of API (Application Programming Interface) which simplify javascript programming. By providing classes and by inheritance, the realization of JavaScript is obviously enhanced by Prototype. As you may know, there are some other frameworks, for instance, YUI,EXT JS etc.

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