With the growing popularity of SEO concepts and techniques, the competition in SEO filed is increasingly fierce, in order to prevent its own recommendation result which SEOER manipulated, the search engine constantly updats it’s rules.

it’s not so easy any longer to rapidly improve keyword ranking nowadays.

In this case, some SEOER can’t help to ask “Is SMO more effective than SEO?”

SMO (Social media optimization) is a set of effective methods which use social media networking, online organizations and community site public communication channels (eg. add the RSS feed, “Digg This”, blog writing,the microblogging writing and the use of non-cooperation in the form of third-party community features for content sharing, such as YouTube video sharing), and ultimately form an effective communication, achieve their purpose of marketing. SMO is one of the latest forms of network marketing, and the best result is viral propagation.

The present era is the excessive propagation of information explosion, the most important characteristics of network information dissemination is fragmented, momentarily, the audience focus on the low level. In these circumstances, if the information disseminator doesn’t optimize consciously, reinforce information effectively, also remove impatient tone from dissemination , they can not attract audience’s concern, and the value of the spread will be greatly reduced.

it looks like SMO is on it’s way, we will continue to talk this later!