Introduction of Korean (3)

The contraction rules for the combination of vowels and vowels, which are summarized as follows:

In the syntax of Korean, there is special contraction rule for the words, the suffix of which are with 아 어 여 , when they combine with the stem, the final syllables of which are open-syllabled:

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1. 아 can only be combined with the stem, the vowel of the final syllables of which are 아 or 오 (Note: the final syllables of the stem are open-syllables) .

Contraction: 아 + 아 = 아 For example: 가다 + 아요 = 가 + 아요 = 가요

Contraction: 오 + 아 = 와 For example: 오다 + 아요 = 오 + 아요 = 와요

2. 어 can only be combined with the stem, the vowel of the final syllables of which are except for 아 and 오(Note: Including monophthong and diphthongs).

The Contraction situation for어 can only happened when it is combined with the monophthong of the vowel.

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Contraction: 어 + 어 = 어  For example:  서다 + 어요 = 서 + 어요 = 서요

으 + 어 = 어  For example:  쓰다 + 어요 = 쓰 + 어요 = 써요

이 + 어 = 여  For example:  기다리다 + 어요 = 기다리 + 어요 = 기다려요

Contraction: 우 + 어 = 워  For example:  배우다 + 어요 = 배우 + 어요 = 배워요

3.  여 can only be combined with the stem, the final syllable of which is 하.

Contraction:  하 + 여 = 해 For example: 하다 + 여요 = 하 + 여요 = 해요

The typical final syllables with 아 어 여 are the ones, which are used in the style of the past tense 았 었 였. Besides these three, there are also some other suffixes  , such as the end of the ending 아요 어요 여요 etc.

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Why the contraction situation can only happened, when they are combined with the open-syllabled? That is because if the final syllables of the stem are closed-syllables, the tail vowel of the final syllable should be kept in the rule of liaison, and be combined with 아 어 여 to make new syllable.

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