German (Deutsch) is one of the most important culture, science and communication languages in the world, and is the most widely-spoken first language in the European Union. This language is dominantly spoken in Germany, where it is the mother tongue for more than 95% of the population. Certainly it is hard to talk about German but not mention Germany.

As the 4th biggest economic community in the world, Germany deals trade with more than 230 nations and countries. Germany is the second biggest exported country and the third biggest imported country throughout the world. “Made in German Translation” has become the promise of “quality and credibility” in the global market with high use value and high technology of the products plus on-time delivery.

Germany is a powerful modern industrial country in the world. And this country places a great focus on heavy industry. Sections like automobiles, machinery manufacture, chemical engineering and electrical are the cornerstone industry, occupying more than 40% of the national industry output.

Other such as food, textiles and clothing, steel processing, mining, precise instrument, optics, aviation and aeronautical and astronautical engineering are also highly developed. And more than half the industrial products are exported to other countries.

Germany’s main export products include automobiles, mechanical products, chemicals, communication technique, power supply and distribution equipments, medical and chemical equipments. And its main import products include chemicals, automobiles, petroleum gas, machinery, communication technique and steel products. More than half the export & import are from or to European countries.

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As reported by the statistic bureau of Germany, the export & import amount in 2011 reaches a new high in history and the trade surplus reaches 158.1 billion Euros (about 205.53 billion US dollars) in 2011. Germany’s export amount in last year exceeds 1000 billion Euros (about 1300 billion US dollars).

With such huge export & import quantity and trade with more than 230 nations and countries all over the world, the translation service is quite necessary to ensure the smooth trade. From the very beginning inquiry, place an order, production, goods delivery and final use, smooth communication and understanding are very important. Translation of contracts, user manuals, service manuals, brochures, project proposals and other documents are also necessary. Furthermore, localization of website and online training, online shop benefits the local users and buyers.

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We can provide one-stop service: preparation before translation (such as text extract from the software), translation and pour the target language back to the source without changing its format and style. And we can provide typesetting service at your desire. Actually you just need to send us your project, and we’ll get back with quality localized project at an affordable price.
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