Introducing Some Functions On Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a tool for reading PDF files. It has many advantages. Firstly, it cannot be edited so if you do not want another person to change the content, you’d better send a PDF file to him/her. Then, it is very useful when you want to do marks in PDFs without changing the source file. The reader will know what your opinion is and can read the source file well. We use these two functions most frequently.

Here I will introduce other useful functions. Firstly, how to do marks on PDFs. You need select “tool” menu, then choose notes and marks, then choose appendix. Click somewhere you want to do the marks and then here appear a box. You can insert any words you want to say. If you want to mark some particular part, then choose tool>notes and marks>highlight text tool, then select the part you want to mark. Secondly, how to obtain some particular pages on the PDF.

For example, if you just need the pages from page 70 to page 100, this tool is very useful. You can choose “document”, and select “obtain pages”. After inserting the page numbers, you may obtain the target file.

Our job requires many skills in processing files. If we acquire these skills, our job will be easier to do.

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