Intelligent Wristband: To be or not to be, that is a question?

现在智能手环进入一个两极分化严重的现状。廉价的产品已经被 OEM 厂商将成本做到白菜价,数月之内会出现一大批售价百元左右的产品。另一边,在工艺和后台算法更可靠的海外精品,却在以高价在国内市场掘金。

Now the intelligent bracelet market is presented with a polarization trend. OEM manufacturers cut costs greatly for quite cheap products so there will be piles of low-priced products at approximately RMB100 in several months in the market. On the contrary, the overseas products with superior manufacturing technique and background Algorithms have seized a large market share at a high price in the domestic market.


In such a case, there is still a way out for intelligent bracelet once it changes the selling method and practice. When exploring the overseas markets, vertical markets and the third- and fourth-tier cities, it should produce a true “boutique” to create a jewelry wearing experience for those wearing intelligent bracelets rather than a plastic ornament.

 From: The Cyzone

Translated by Cathy, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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