Spring Festival, a special holiday which is placed a very high value by every Chinese. Approaching the Spring Festival, everybody would stare at the calendar and countdown how many days remained, but after the reunion moment arrived, many troubles are followed consequently.

The majority of the people will become unstrained with eating, drinking extravagantly, without any self-control and leaving all the worries behind. The result of such kind of indulgence would induce weight gain, stomach hurt and immunity decline.

In addition, family reunion would be a happy thing during Spring Festival, however some relatives would ask you how much money do you earn a month, when are you going to get married, which time do you decide to buy a House and what’s your position in a company, but rarely a people would ask you: are you happy now?

We tend to get lost in the colorful world, while pursuing the material comforts, forgetting the most fundamental emotions, but whether we have achieved the life we wanted? Anyhow we should remember happiness will be the highest level which needs to be pursued in our life.

Getting rid of any pressure or burden on your shoulder, taking good care of parents, relatives and friends, finishing the work earnestly, progressing day after day and gaining a little more fun in the daily life.