Recently, CCJK offered professional book translation service to an esteemed client. The original book is in English version, since the client will have a training program in the early of this summer in China. Therefore the book needs to be translated in Chinese. When we’ve finished translation, the client has an inquiry for the publishing issues. While he has a publisher in the U.S. but not sure if it might make sense to have the books published in China instead of producing and shipping the book in United States.

As CCJK major business is providing a wide range of Localization/Translation and Graphic/Web Design services to help organizations expand their businesses internationally into every corner of the world. Not specializing in publishing area. However the client is appreciated CCJK professional advice for publishing to help him to make a wise decision. CCK always cherish client’s support and trust, dedicate to provide satisfying service to meet customer’s diversified needs. Therefore we have consulted with some famous publishing agency in China. Hoped the answers will be helpful for the customer.

Publishing process in China

1. Find a publishing agency firstly. Introduce the main idea of your book to the agency. Both parties negotiate with some details for publishing.

2. When both parties arrived an agreement, the author send the completed manuscript and self Introduction to publishing agency, they will help to finish subject selection and application work. This process is very important and essential .Only the subject to be approved by the publishers, the book will be published officially. If any person or agency makes promise to you that the book surely can be published as soon as he got the manuscript. He is not a reliable and professional agent. Because the right of reviewing the manuscript will be exercised by the Press.

3. Once the subject of book is approved, the original text or image needs to be processed into a mature form of the book. This work includes the layout design of text books, cover design. If you have finalized the manuscript for publishing, that will save time and effort to do this job.

4. When the Press allotted to the cataloging in publication (CIP data) and ISBN, the basic work for the entire manuscript had been completed.

5. Produce and print the book. Generally the turnaround time will be 3 months around. It takes more than 1 month to apply the CIP.

Tips for avoiding publishing fraud

1. Check the agency’s authenticity; search the information through the internet, such as the corporate credit. And check their registered capital, registered address, etc., Ask the company offer the copy of its business license and other documents;

2. Confirm the CIP or ISBN. In general, formal ISBN applications need more than a month, so if a company claiming to get the ISBN immediately, that will be a big joke. The CIP of the book can be searched in If there is no CIP and the book information displayed in the website is inconformity with the author. It is a proof that the CTP is not officially allotted.

3. Judge the publishing costs. To publish a book at your own expense, the cost including ISBN fees,( reviewing fees, layout and design costs), printing costs, including materials, transportation costs, If you have received some cheap offers from some agencies, you must be careful, because he is likely to play tricks with ISBN fee or offer poor quality of printing to you.