Last night I went to the supermarket and found salt was finally supplied regularly. The panic salt buying incident eventually ended with a period. This was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, though. And I couldn’t help thinking, what’s wrong with those Chinese people?

They spread rumor to earn illegal money, then those ignorant panic people took that rumor seriously and rushed to buy salt. This was how the story began. Sometimes the panic itself is more fearful than the radiation.

There are other confusing things. Japan had an earthquake recently. I understand many Chinese have anti-Japanese sentiment due to what Japanese did to Chinese in the past. But I think it is mean to gloat over disaster of others and make a lot of rumors on that. I deeply despise those seeming patriots who advocate other Chinese not to donate anything to Japan.

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If you hate Japan that much, you should “learn from foreigners to compete with foreigners” as Wei Yuan in the Qing Dynasty put it. Whatever they had done in the past, you can’t deny that they have a lot of qualities that worthy of our learning. Anyway, I don’t think hatred can solve problem. That’s why I find those anti-Japanese messages annoying and feel deeply ashamed of my compatriots.

Although Lu Xun had exposed a lot of flaws of Chinese people, we can see those deep rooted bad habits are always with us even after a century.

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