We can get to understand an industry from different perspectives and dimensions, such as industry development history, current situation and its future development, market volume and size, interconnection with economics and politics, the numbers of organizations, human resource date within this industry.

However, if we want to get a quick glimpse of how the development of the industry, from a perspectives of a recruiter, we can come into these steps as follows:

The recruiting process :

Client Assessment and requirement;

Job analysis of the position;

Sourcing and channels of potential candidates

Sourcing and screening plan,

Assessment of potential candidates

Interviewing and selecting candidates;

Right fit candidate hiring and on boarding

Follow up and feedbacks:

Usually, talent acquisition and researcher needs 7-10 days to recommend the first round of potential candidates to the clients after a new search assignment task, therefore, the talent researcher must get a quick glimpse of the industry environment of the client. We usually come into these 3 steps:

First, get to analyze the competitor of the clients; consultant acquaintance who are familiar with the expertise and specialization; the business operation process and supplier chain of the industry from such sources as internet, industrial organization and annually reports etc.

Secondly, make a checklist of the top 10 companies and their financial data within 5 consecutive years; get such data as sales amount, growth rate, their marketing strategies and new products conference as well as M&A news.

Thirdly, have a better understanding of the organization chart of the client, their position and role responsibilities, make use of the most effective social media to reach out to the target candidates, such useful media as face book, twitter, google+, LinkedIn, E-mail; Skype, QQ and WeiBo etc.

You can also get an recommendation and introduction to them with the assistance of a acquaintance, recruiting job board, forum , social parties and activity engagement etc.

It is very important to make a cold call to the passive candidate.

The last and the most important; make an in-depth communication with every candidate who can provide you more useful information and data on competitor, employees, products and services.

All you have to do is to convince and convey these data and information into credible analysis reports. We can also say that a good listener is better than a speaker.

Let us make a summary of the three steps:

1. Set up and focus on the categories of the industry
2. Make a checklist of the companies and organization within the industry,
3. Compare the client with its competitors, analyze the target recruiting roles and data from industry report; target at the potential candidate.