We all love celebrities’ biographies because they simply remind us why we are mediocrities while they are celebrities. They remind us how we were wasting our life every day and how different people have different lives.

Steve Jobs’ Commencement is like a mini biography of his life. By three simple and touching stories with very understandable words, we know why he can become successful.

Jobs’ dropping out of college reminds of my college life. A lot of students did not know what they went to college for and skipped classes frequently. While they still continued their college lives because everyone else was doing it.

And they were told how miserable you would be if you did not go to college. Many people still do not know where their passion is. Even they happen to have one, they do not go out of their way to seek the passion.

Following one’s heart is not easy, there are setbacks and barriers on the way. Sometimes you might lose what you already have, too. But if you are not afraid of losing anything and constantly pursuit you goal, then you will have the potential to become an extraordinary person eventually.

We do what everyone else tells us to do, we do it because we do not have other alternatives. Unfortunately, that is exactly the reason why we are mediocre. There are accident failures but no accident successes. Most successful people do their jobs with passion and love while we do it perfunctorily and put up with just passed.

If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right. What is the difference between dead and alive people? I guess the biggest difference is that alive people can experience things while dead people can not.

If you have passion on something, just do it, do not be afraid of difficulty and failure. When you are facing death, there is nothing you can not lose.

When we are still living our pattern life as everyone else do, Steven goes out the routine and tries to follow his heart and pursues his passion, so he sucesses. What are we going to do with our lives? That is what we have to think about for a very long time. And hopefully we can learn something from other successful people’s life. Stay hungry, stay foolish.