Queries are so useful during translation.

A few days ago, we’ve been working on the project of Jasper, we came across a lots of difficulties. After querying with the customers, we finally can delivery more accurate works.

Common queries are as follows:

1. Then {action} to recipient {recipient}

Q: Does the {recipient} leave as it is or need to be translted?

A: Do not translate text between curly brackets.

Trial Translation:

然後 {action} 至收件者 {recipient}

2. Monthly minimum tier {} must have either minumm spend or minimum subs but not both

Q: does “subs” refer to “subcriptions” or “subscribers”?

A: Please translate as “subscriptions” for now.

Trial Translation:

每月最低階層 {} 必須具備最低速度或最低訂閱量(並非二者皆有)

3.Miniminum commitments update failed

Q ︰does “Miniminum” refer to “minimum”?

A ︰Yes

Trial Translation:


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4.Add On -The account is charged a one-time fee for augmenting the usage limit of an existing pooled plan by the size of add-on purchased.

Q: Does this “add on” refer to “added on sevices”?

A: Added capacity/service for a higher usage limit..

Trial Translation:

附加服務 -本帳戶將收取一次性費用,用於按所購附加服務的大小增加現有匯集式計劃的使用量限制。

5. Your Apps

Q: your applications?

A: Yes

Trial Translation:


When deal with this project, we placed lots of queries, something really hard to get what the true meaning is. Someone maybe think it’s not professional to submit a query log, or the client will take for granted from the queries that we are not professional. Don’t be afraid, nothing can be defeated and mistaken with a serious heart.