This crisis, on this scale of the whole world, can reorder society in dramatic ways, for better or worse. In terms of the language industry, as COVID-19 impacts public health as well as the economy, there are also some big influences including better or worse aspects.

Though most staff work from home, with the support of the network, the request for translation service is still with an opportunity to increase, based on different fields. But for some fields like traveling and manufacturing, they are challenged as severe as a terrible hurricane.

Some fields experienced rapid growth, some were negatively impacted while some had no impact due to pandemic.

In CCJK, some projects prove both the challenges and opportunities of translation industries in the time of quarantine. For example, we got an MTPE project with over 10 million words for Amazon, a giant company in e-commerce. Besides this project, many other projects related to COVID-19 information also witnessed a climax. Accompanied by translation request, DTP (Desktop Publishing) Service is fully booked as the following support. Thus, luckily, CCJK has reached our target in the first quarter of 2020 in terms of translation and DTP service. In addition, our team has strengthened our resources and updated our quality assurance system with more learning on new translation projects.

However, to help stop virus spread, quarantine and no gathering lead to a big crisis to the interpreting field. With more and more events or activities being canceled or postponed, conference interpreters and other travel consecutive interpreters are losing jobs, at least in March. But fortunately, some of the conferences have been shifted from a local visit to an online one from April, for instance, Canton Fair in 2020 spring. In this way, telephone interpreting or consecutive interpreters can still somehow find new ways to perform. And started from June, more local international gatherings are stayed tuned as planned. Thus, though it is difficult, it is still with hope that half of 2020 could be a great year for the interpreting field.

Apart from interpreting, some worse impact also occurs in audio recording service because linguists could not reach to the studio as usual. But this impact is not as worse as that for interpreting as this service could also be processed from home.

CCJK has its own studio to perform in this language service. So we continue to serve our clients well in this aspect.

Sum up with the government, doctors, and all other defenders around the world, we believe that the virus epidemic around the world will have an end someday in the summer soon. Though there is some harsh impact in the interpreting field, under sunshine, there is a possibility that the language industry will recover to its booming trend to support in the global economy and cultural exchange. Of course, CCJK will follow this trend to serve our clients.