Knowing what your unique strengths and talents are can help a lot in life. If you try using your strengths to do something, the goal usually can be achieved with less effort. These rules also apply to our work.

The translation areas are diverse and one person’s energy and capacity are limited, so we cannot be proficient in all areas. What we should do is to identify the areas we are good at and keep on developing these strengths. But the question is how to find our strong points, here are a few ways:

Most of the time, the areas you are skilled in are closely related to your personal experiences. Such as what areas have you ever been involved in and are you a student of arts or a student majored in science, ect. All of these will influence your knowledge about these areas.

Each area has its own characteristics, for example, the areas of mechanical engineering, finance, law, medical science, etc have specialized vocabulary and theories, the literature materials focus on good vocabulary and vivid expression while materials of science and engineering emphasize the clearness and conciseness and logicality.

Only the person who knows certain areas well can handle these areas specified translation at ease. In other words, people are often easier to handle something familiar to them,which is indisputable.

Interest is another important factor to consider. If you favor some areas much, then you will pay more attention to them and you would be more willing to handle the difficulties encountered in these areas.

Speaking of interest, the case is generally as follows, boys are more likely to be fond of science and engineering, while girls like arts and literature much more, but that is not always true.

We have to admit that, interest will promote somebody to study assiduously, which in turn results in advantages. So if you are interested in some areas, the probability that you are good at them is much higher.

The third is your feelings about handling some materials of the area. If you feel these materials are easy to translate, you are confident in handling them and you feel happy and satisfied when you have finished them, then it is the area you are good at.

If you translate some materials depressedly and painfully, it is almost hard to finish them smoothly and you take much more time to handle them, then it is obviously, that is not you area.