As a salesperson, writing good proposals to draw clients’ attention is an important access to succeed in getting projects. After these days’ learning and practice, I summarize several keys which I think we should pay attention to, hope these are useful.

1. Reading requirements carefully: To analyze what the client care most, quotation, delivery time or comprehensive power? Then you can emphasis the relative item accordingly. On the first day, I submitted six proposals totally. To my confused, in the following two days, four proposals were declined directly for the same reason: Bid was too high. But I quoted just as our price list. I analyzed them carefully and found the client’s budget was low and the average bid of other providers was also lower than mine. In fact, we can quote a lower rate according to the specific projects. So you should consider all the possible aspects before writing.

2. Speed: How to search appropriate information and how to write effective proposals in the shortest time, you should try to take some time to find it out and have your own methods. The faster you can do, the more chances you will get.

3. Good skills for communication and expression. Your proposal will not just for business, but also an impression of what kind of person you are. So you can add some greeting words to narrow the distance with clients. Of course, not much.

In a word, writing proposals is the first step for the salesperson to know the new clients and get new projects. So you should cherish every chance to write good and effective proposals.