Translation is a kind of arduous job. Sometimes we have already understood the source language but it is just difficult for us to express it in the target language. But anyhow one should not only understand the source language well but also be good at expressing it in target language. Scientific paper is rigorous in its style and most of the idioms are the essence of our language.

When we conbine the two together, that is to say, translating scientific paper using idioms, we can make the language accurate, concise and lively. The entire sentence would be very harmonious, decent and natural. If the translation is far-fetched, derivative and abuse, it will make the idiom be stools, nondescript, and imprecise. One must take the coordination with the style into consideration. Here are some examples to use idioms during our translation.

1. Idioms used as Nouns
It is a world that is completely and utterly dead, a sterile mountainous waste on which during the day the sun blazes down with great heat,but where during the long night the cold is so intense that surpasses anything ever experienced on the Earth.

它(月球)是一个完全死寂的世界,是一片荒凉多山的不毛之地, 白天受到太阳灼热的照射,而在漫长的夜间,凛冽的严寒又远非地球上所能经历得到的。

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2. Idioms used as Adjective
The weather in London is always changeable. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it is fine, and more often it is foggy.


In addition to her role as editor-in-chief of Love Magazine, Katie Grand is a highly regarded stylist and creative consultant.

Katie Grand 是《Love Magazine》总编辑,除此之外,她还是德高望重的造型师和颇有见解的时尚顾问。

3. Idioms used as Verbs
A particularly striking aspect of Gauss’s character was his refusal to present any of his work until he believed it had been polished to the point of perfection.


Scientists laughed at the idea and would not take it seriously.


4. Idioms used as Adverbs
A material has fallen from the skies in many places. This material is white, and it sometimes falls in strip about ten meters long. It disappears completely in a very short time.

在许多地方有一种物质从空中飘落下来。这种物质是白色的。有的形成十米左右的长带飘然而下, 很快就消失得无影无踪

Selfless and anxious to help others, he led a simple life would worked perseveringly.


5. Idioms used as Prepositional Phrases
Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can solve the most complex mathematical problems or put thousands of unrelated facts in order.


Most scientific progress is the result of careful consideration of work that has already been done.


6. Idioms used as Numbers
An automatic production line is excellent for the automotive industry, where thousands of identical parts are produced.


Ten to one, forms of energy come from the sun directly or indirectly.


7. Other Usage of Idioms
But try as they might, Michelson and Morley never obtained any effect at all.


It is no wonder that Edison received so many honors during his life for the contributions to the progress of mankind.


In a word, it is easy to learn English,but it is difficult to attain perfection at it. So while we are doing English-Chinese translation we should always think about how to connect it with our long and great traditional culture, to make the words vivid and worthy of reading.