It is very easy and simple to use Beyond Compare Software to compare the outputs of the same file, the differences can be highlighted in the difference report, and we could find the mistake easily from the report, here show us how to use this software.

Step 1. Open Beyond Compare Software, click the icon , then will pop up the following window.

Step 2. Choose ‘Text Compare (文本比较)’ button, then will display the below window:

Step 3: In this window, to browse the path of the original file at the left side, to browse the path of the updated file at the right side, here take an example, for your reference. The left hand is the edited translation file of one project, the right hand is the reviewed file of the same project, after clicking the correct paths of the two files, then display the following window:

From the above window, as we can see the difference clearly in red color, and through the line number so that we could find out the corresponding source.

Step 4. If you want to get a complete difference report, could do as the following operation, first click Session (会话) menu, then click Text Comparion Report (文本比较报告) tab will pop up the following dialog box:

Step 5. In the above dialog box, please click ‘Save as… (另存为)’, then will pop up the below dialog box, to save the difference report (报告.html) to the specified path and click Save (保存).

Step 6. To open the report from the above specified path, will appear as following window, it is just part of the report.

Step 7. To apply ‘Exact’ function in Excel to generate a difference report with the source and two different translations, list as the following list, here just would like to show part of the list, for your reference.

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From the above list, as we could see the difference easily and find which word be changed in the post-proofreading column, because the changed words or phases were displayed in red.

Besides to compare the file, we could also use Beyond Compare software to compare the folder, version, data, figure and register entry and so on. And by using Beyond Compare Software to compare the different outputs of the same file, we could see where made change in the updated file, then could pay special attention to the change and analyze which word or phrase caused the change, then notice the word or phrase next time.

Beyond Compare is a useful comparsion software, and could download it freely from Internet!

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