In my personal opinion, the translation of prep. is quite hard to master. Prep. can be translated into varied words depending on the context and its function in the sentences.

Here I summarize some usual practice for the translation on “About”.

1, it can be translated into “关于”,”有关”,”相关”,”涉及” etc.

For instance:

At the meeting, the team leader talked about the cause of the accident.


The supplier wants to know all about the new product.


The question is about what to do next.


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2,it can be translated into “在..附近”,”在…周围”,”在…身边”,”在…范围” etc.

For instance:

There is a museum about our workshop.


Have you any money about you?


The bees about us had begun to fly away.


3, when it is talking about the size, amount and time, it can be translated into “大约”,”差不多”etc.

For instance:

There are about fifty students in the waiting room in the company reception room.

公司接待室大约有 50 名学生。

Now there are still about fifty switch cases in the warehouse.

现在库房里差不多还有 50 个开关箱。

4, the expression “be about to do something” means something which will happen soon. It can be translated into”将..”

For instance:

In this paper we are about to discuss the skills of translation at large.


The general overhaul is about to start.