We often meet some website need to be translate within HTML document, that means you can just simply extract the word out of an html file, you need to do translation in it…that means you have to know HTML code, and tell which part you need to translate, which part you don’t…here is the tutorial of an html file that would help.

Let take CCJK.COM as an example (An lead translation service)

Generally, a html file contain head and body, and the body section include main body (content) and footer. let’s talk about head section first.

this is the meta part of head section, which is very helpful to a site’s SEO. in this part you just need to translate the words in the content, after =, between ” “. and do remember, when translate the keywords meta information, you must keep the comma , in half-angle.

in general, you just need to translate the meta information in head section , no need to translate the rest link and script part.

then let’s look at the body part:

Language Translation”>Language Translation
Website Localization”>Website Localization
Software Localization”>Software Localization
Mobile App Localization”>Mobile App Localization

i can see many html element here, like div, ul, li,and some properties like href, class,etc.

generally we only need to translate the properties like: alt and title

for example: , we translate “ccjk translation company” here.

Language Translation”>alt=”LANGUAGE TRANSLATION SERVICES: Any Language, Any Format, Any Time! Save up to 50% for first-class work.” />

we translate “LANGUAGE TRANSLATION SERVICES: Any Language, Any Format, Any Time! Save up to 50% for first-class work.” here.

Mobile App Localization” title=”Mobile APP design”>Mobile App Localization, we translate “Mobile APP design” here.

, we translate “Choose a language from the selection box” and “Source Language” here
and translate the words between ><,that means in this part:Mobile App Localization”>Mobile App Localization

we only need to translate “Mobile App Localization”.

sometimes we may meet something like following:

this is an html remarks, no need to translate.

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