As you may encounter an error saying “end of paragraph not found” when you use Trados workbench, how can we solve the annoying problem that we can’t continue our translation work with the help of such workbench?

At this time, remember to calm down and try to explore possible reasons. For this problem, I thought there are two possible reasons.

1) Incompatibility between Trados and Word, for instance, Trados 2006 doesn’t support Word 2007.(Note: Trados7.5,namely SDLX2006,doesn’t support Office Word 2007).

2) There are no separator between each two sentences.

Then under circumstances that you can’t determine which is the specific reason caused your present problem, you need to have relevant trial test to each possible reason.

For the first one possible reason, you can keep your trados and word in consistent with each other in terms of their version. If you are using Trados 2007 and Office Word 2003, you can install Trados2006, or you can install Word 2003.

For the second possible reason, you can press Enter button where the hint ‘end of paragraph not found’appears.

The Final Decision to Be Made

Based on my personal usage of these two softwares(specifically, I’m using both Office Word 2003 and Word 2007,and Trados 2006 is in use on my PC), and also because the fact that it would cost me more efforts and time to download a new version of Trados, I decided to save the word 2007 file as a word 2003 file. Therefore I successfully solve the incompatibility problem and also save more time compared with the choice of downloading a new version of Trados.

From this example, I want to courage everyone to believe in yourselves and there are no insurmountable mountains in our way once we can calm down and deal with challenges with our sense, intelligence and confidence.