Nowadays, more and more companies use email to start their business. Email marketing is an easy, effective, and affordable way to keep your audience coming back! It helps us keep customers and prospects coming back by using attractive, professional-looking email communications to stay in regular touch with them and build strong customer relationships.

However, blindly implementing an e-mail marketing has huge risk, the clients will receive abundant of marketing email, they may took a scunner at these emails, and even angry with them, they always delete those messages, there may even complaints to the mailbox ISP, therefore, a large number of enterprises in the e-mail marketing efforts are in vain. So you need to write some valuable emails to the clients and then earn their trust to start the business. However, from the very beginning, you need to obtain the clients’ contact information. If you haven’t email address, then you cannot begin the email marketing. Then it comes to how to search for the client resources.

It is a good way to accumulate it from our daily work. For example, those clients who have an enquiry from you, and those client who you promoted the services to. In fact, all of them are your potential client. The key point is how to establish a good and friendly relationship with them. If you have their contact information, then you need to catch every opportunity to make them as your friends and send them some post card or Season’s greetings.

We can also browse some forums frequently, and find if there is anybody posts some jobs there, once we find one that suitable for us, then we can follow up and try to get their personal contact information and check if we can make them as our friends and establish a business relationship with them.

Another way is to join in some business circles. Through relatives, friends, classmates’ introduction and recommendation, we can establish our own business circles. We can also use the instant message tool such as QQ, MSN, Skype and Weibo to promote our services. We can also get the client’s contact information from some exhibitions, chamber of commerce or some translation platforms.

In brief, all of the resources around us that can be make use of, just need us to develop and make it to benefit us and establish a good relationship with the people around us. And then they may be our clients in some day.