Thought customer complaints result from many different reasons. The most critical factor that often leads to customer complaints is customers’ needs can not be effectively satisfied. As a project manager, we should strengthen the dialectical analysis to the customer complaints.

That is we should have a correct understanding to customer complaints. To resolve the complaint is a unique learning opportunity of the lessons of patience, an opportunity to better understand our company, improve our self-confidence, master the skills of resolving complaints. Thus, to our service work , resolving customer complaints is very important.

Statistics found that if there is no quality problem is found in a commodity, and the customer did not get after-sales service as well, the customer loyalty to the brand is 83 percent ; If a brand has quality problems , and these problems had been timely resolved, the customer loyalty to the brand would be 90 percent.

That is the value of the after-sales service. Direct loss will be made when we get customer dissatisfaction. Studies shown that the average cost of gaining a new customer is five times to the cost to satisfy an old customer, and every 5%customer loyalty increases can bring us 20%-85% profits.

The customer who has complaints is usually the most loyal customer. Customer complains does not equal to he is not satisfied, while customer does not complain does not equal to we meet his requirements. Customer, whose complaints are successfully solved, is more loyal than customers with no complaint records. Let us face that fact that in the sales world, no matter how hard you try, the customer may discontent.

It is you but not the product itself that take significant role in the after-sales service, because he may somehow feel happy that you are concerned about him, and sincere to him. The method we used to deal with customer complaints is usually more important than his unsatisfaction. If the customer accept your attitude to his complaints, he may even ignore the results of your effort of handling his complaints. Expressed concern about the customer’s feeling or opinions to the product before the customer comes up with complaints can reduce the incidence of malignant complaints.

To reduce customer complaints, we need to provide high quality services.

But what is High Quality Services? Does it have any standards? The characteristics of High Quality Services is timely, efficient, unified, friendly, elegant, interest and wit. High Quality service can make customers feel that we are concerned about him, we are willing to provide services to satisfy his requirements.

To prevent customer complaints, we need to establish the concept of High Quality Service, staff refers to all the people in the company , everyone is directly or indirectly, for customer service , a variety of services also exist between the upper and lower processes and departments in the organization .

Customer needs to be well treated. Actually being well treated is part of the service. The customer will justify the cost of certain products and services according to the treatment he is with. Customers need more than just products, as well as quality , taste, value , and so on.

It is a fact that customers tend to lack confidence in our response to his complaints, that is why most dissatisfied customers do not choose to complain, and they would think it is bad luck to meet us, the service provider and never come back to us again. If the customer complains, that will be a sign that he will come back to you again.

And he tries to test our respect to him according to the way we choose to deal with his unsatisfaction. We should keep in mind that the quality of our product is of cause of great importance, but our attitude for after sales service is also a key factor that help keep our cooperation with the customer stable in a long time and mutual beneficence. In a word, knowing how to reduce complaints is import, and knowing how to deal with complaints is also a critical factor in maintaining customers.

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