Talent is one of the most important sources for a company. The ways that enterprises select talents are “diversified”. Investigation result of recruiting tools in recent 4 years showed that enterprises usually use tools as below: Resume reviewing, screening , Structured interview, experience verification, pre-screening test (minimum qualifying questions), application form, background research, screening via telephone, work sample or assessment center, social Media research—informal, Social Media research—formal , Non-structured interview ,credit verification, screening via medicine.

And type of test are Resume reviewing and screening , Structured interview, Experience verification, Pre-screening test (minimum qualifying questions), Application form, Background research, Screening via telephone (artificially or IVR), Work sample or assessment center, Social Media research—informal, Social Media research—formal , Non-structured interview , Credit verification, Screening via medicine, Skills and(or) knowledge tests, Character tests, Cognitive ability or ordinary problem solving ability tests, Team work tests, Special ability tests, Culture identity tests, Office scene simulating, Solve special working problems, Personal experience and information, Interest tests. Methods of test should service for test purpose and a combination of test methods can achieve a higher validity. Statement: Validity means effectiveness of examination, i.e., examination grade can represent level of testing contents and testing purpose. The value of validity is more close to 1, the effectiveness of test is higher.