We all had an experience when we were still a student: to learn a law or a curriculum well, we often have to do a lot of practices, to use tactics to achieve our ultimate goal. But this way often made us physically and mentally exhausted.

I think when we worked extremely hard to complete a task, there is no need for us to rush to do other things, but to stop and think, what method we used, by which means we ultimately reach the goal. I think we can learn to summarize – which is a good way to nurture an efficient work habits!

To summarize is not only review and simple conclusion, it contains a deeper thought, which is reflection and meditation at a new height. It can reduce the unnecessary failure. We may meet many tough things, fall is inevitable, but the wise man will never make the same mistake twice.

For us, the regular summary can save a lot of valuable time and effort. And it can also further improve ourselves. We can sum up gains and losses before going to sleep every day, to determine the direction for the next day.

I think we should always ask ourselves three questions when we conclude

1. During the management practice, which measure is successful, and which will lead to failure?

2. What can we learn from our successes and failures

3. What kind of measures we can take to consolidate the results, to make up for losses

And I think we can develop a template of summary, then to write in accordance with template, such as

1, review

2, the main tasks

3, work problems and feelings

4, analysis of the cause of the problem

5, the proposed measures

6, conclusion

But to improve the quality of the summary, we need to have a deeper understanding of the business, we need expertise, and also to improve their overall quality Summarizes the gap between ourselves and others, the gap of ability , the gap of identifying problems, solving problem skills.

Conclusion is the accumulation of wealth, and can help us make progress, here I think some principles can be followed:

(1) It is necessary to learn from both specific and abstract issues.

(2) We must learn to analyze, but also comprehensive.

(3) Do not evade the questions.

In addition, we have to pay attention to details. As the old saying: “Details determine success or failure.” Every people understand, but very little can really do. This quality is paramount for our translation industry, which will greatly improve the quality of work, and give us self confidence.

And then, keep calm mind. This is I think the most important and most difficult to achieve. Who is able to control the emotions and always with calm mind facing things is must someone owns a certain shrewdness. When we young people are in face of emergencies, we often become agitated.

Like when we meet an urgent project, requires XX days to submit, but issue is still not resolved when the deadline comes, we will be impatient. If we manage the projects in such mood, we will be surely exhausted mentally and physically.

so do not panic when facing an emergency matter, what we should do is calm down, keep a good attitude to face the problem, make a cup of coffee for ourselves, at least we can have a better mood, this is what we can control.

I believe if we can achieve this three points, we will be able to grow quickly. Knowledge need to be accumulated gradually, so dose management, make the conclusion also should meet the needs of development.

Therefore, the summary should combined with learning, to keep the latest theoretical knowledge, the latest management practices applied to work in practice. Only in this way, it can be better guide our future work.