After the windows being used for a long time, there will be many kinds of temporary files appear automatically in your computer, which will affect the speed of the systerm and make you to be irritable. However, for the computer masters, it can enhance the speed of their computers by modifying the registry, or optimizing the system by manual control.

Which will be very hard for computer fresh men. About this problem, we can download some special system optimization software, or do some simple design, then we can get the effect as we want. Here are some useful software: WINDOWS Optimization King, Booster HD, SuperRabbit and so on. WINDOWS Optimization King is the best and easiest tool to use, you can use it easily at the first time, and the functions of it are comprehensive, which can save the users’ time.

Clean the rubbish totally

There is a hidden secret weapon in XP system, by which can clean the rubbish completely.

Have you ever used the cleanup functionality built-in the disk of Windows system?

Under the hide mode, it can’t clean the useless documents of the Windows system completely. Because the functionalities of it have been hidden, now let’s together to have a look on them. This functionality not only be fit for the win95 and Win98 system, but also match with Win98se system, Win2000 system, WinME system ans WinXP system.

Now introduce two tool instructions for “clean disk”: SAGESET and SAGERUN.