How to make your computers to work smoothly?

I> Enhance the speed of displaying the menu.

Method: run the registry editor, enter “HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Desktop”,change the data value of MenuShowDelay as 0, though the default data value is 400.after changing this, the speed of displaying the modified XP Start menu, and even the menu of the application software will be enahcedsignificantly.

II> Enable the DMA transfer mode

DMA, which is the abbreviations for the direct memory access mode, means that the peripherals of the computer (mainly referring to hard drive) can directly exchange data with memory, which can enhance the access speed of the disks, and improve the speed of data transmission.

III> Move the storage path of the temporary file.

Most of the application softwares will lead to temporary files when they are run. And most of the temporary files are stored in the default boot partition of the C drive. It is very easily lead to amount of file fragmentation by reading and writing the C drive in a long time, which will affect the property of the C drive. While the Drive C is the partition of storing of the core file for system starting. The Drive C directly affects the stability of the system and the operating efficiency. So trying to install the application softwares on the outside of the boot disk partition and organize your hard disk regularly can avoid leading to the disk fragmentation, and make the speed of starting and reading and writing in the best condition.

Internet Explorer temporary folder

Method: in the main window in IE, turn into the “Tools → Internet Options → General” tab, open the setting interface of the”Internet temporary files” option, click the “Move Folder” button to save the original temporary directory on the C drive moves to outside the drive C.If you are using the broadband, you can set the minium of using space of the “temporary folder” as to 1M.

Temporary files, which generated by burning

Methods: the files will be saved in the in the temporary folder of the drive C before being burned, select the letter writer and right-click menu “Properties” item in the “Recording” tab under this temporary folder placed on other drives.
Methods:Right click on the “My Documents” in the property item can be “My Documents” to change the default save path of the other letter.

Increase the virtual memory

Methods: get into the “Advanced” settings window of the “Performance Options”,and, first adjust the “Processor scheduling” and “memory using” as the “program” optimization mode.