Except for literature and the like, it is very important to make writing concise. We should employ the least words to make the most contents clear. Making best of parataxis is a good way to achieve the objective.

Different from hypotaxis, parataxis is an arrangement of meanings with pleonasms omitted. Needless to say, sentences of parataxis are more concise than those of hypotaxis.

Parataxis features in Chinese, while hypotaxis is the characteristic of English. Moreover, we are Chinese native writer and have been taught that English features hypotaxis.

Therefore, we are inclined to write concisely when writing in Chinese, but we tend to be verbose when writing in English. In fact, parataxis also plays an important role in English-writing.For instance,omission of unnecessary conjunctives makes writing in English terse and concise.

Furthermore,no language can express whatever we want to say. This is why a saying goes like this: something can only be understood, but it is unutterable. So any attempt at making any and all details clear in words is doomed to failure. And it is the task of parataxis to communicate what words cannot express.