Translation is a recreating process, the purpose of which is not just converting the information, but more importantly, making the translation more readable, if not artistic. Here I outline some principles that I summarized during translation and give some examples that I came across lately to demonstrate how important being readable it is to translation. As in those examples, the first line is the sentence to be translated, the second sentence is the original translation, the third sentence is the revised translation (Just for reference).

1. Minimize unnecessary modified words of the sentence, as long as it can convey the original meaning.

1) We expect to continue to offer flexibility in work location to minimize the need for relocation whenever possible.



2) In general, business will continue as usual.



3) By tomorrow, all announcements and organization charts will be posted on Ecolab Express and on Nalco’s Integration SharePoint site, so that they are broadly accessible.


截至明天,所有的公告和機構圖將在藝康和納爾科的整合「共享點 (SharePoint)」網站上公佈,以便廣大員工查看。

4) And that’s a good thing, because all of us need to stay focused on keeping our business running smoothly and serving our customers well.



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2. Use expressing ways that are familiar to readers of target language, just literally translate every word would make the translation awkward.

1) If my position is redeployed to another location, what happens if I choose to accept?



2) These decisions and subsequent conversations will be conducted individually once the new organizational structure is known.



3) As we near the close of the planned merger between Ecolab and Nalco, the excitement and momentum within our organizations are building.



4) Additionally, through this document, you will be asked to participate in an escalation process, which will consist of closely tracking any customer issues resulting from the merger on or after Day 1, through the use of the Shared Service Virtual Day 1 Collaboration Room.


(To be continued)